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 Till today, I remember how I used to wait for every episode of KBC in its first season. Not only me, many Indians were in the same state as I was. People would love to imagine, being on the hot seat with a legend like Amitabh Bachchan asking you General knowledge Questions, for which you will get money if you answer them correct. What an experience it will be.

Oh Sorry sorry … If you don’t know what KBC is … It stands for  “Kaun Banega Crorepati”(Who wants to be a Millionaire). The name itself reveals that it is based on UK game show Who wants to be a Millionaire?. [Click the Links to know more about them]

The show was a Huge hit … For reasons like

     Anyone can win money in this show who has good General Knowledge and luck in his pocket. Especially for people who are from low income families and educated enough, but don’t get chances in their life to prove their worthiness, this show is a hope. This show can bring drastic changes in  lives of those people who make it out with handsome money.
    With a host like Amitabh, that is just enough for the people to come to the show. There weren’t many TV shows at that time in which a movie star hosted it. With this show becoming a huge hit, there were many TV shows that used the same idea and hired movie stars as well. But none of them didn’t become as huge as this one. This show took the Television broadcasting in India to a new whole level, from the entertainment perspective.

Well, now the show is in its seventh season. So I thought “What the hell, Let’s give it a try”.

The registrations started on 28th May 2013. There will be a question everyday and interested people should send the answer through SMS in a day’s time. The Question will be aired at 8.30 pm. And it is available on the internet (On their website) at 9.00 pm. People can answer that question till the next question is aired i.e. next day night at 9:00 pm. 10 days 10 Questions. If your answer is right and selected in the random shortlist, you will be contacted in 5 days from the day of close of registrations for that question.

I do have a TV, provided by my landlord. But it is a TV only from the looks, not function-wise. It is as old as Hills. Obviously, I resorted to the World of Web. Every night I used to visit their website and SMS the answer for that day’s question. In case I miss, I definitely answer it the next day morning. The questions are not so tough. Actually you will have plenty of time if you have any doubts regarding the answers. Moreover you have people and internet (In the worst-case) to refer. I answered Daily and send 50 to 60 messages daily. It costs me total approx 2000 rupees.

Finally I got a Call from them on 31st may 2013. Before this, I read the whole process in their Website’s FAQs. They indicated that there will be an audition after random shortlisting. When I got the call, the Audition was the thing that came to my mind.

It was a man who called me. He said you are shortlisted. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Then he started asking some obvious details like name, address, age, etc. He wanted an address which can verified by any govenment ID like Passport, Driving license, Ration card, etc. All my IDs have the address from Cuttack, Orissa (From where I am). Well I wanted to give the audition at Delhi (NCR) as Gurgaon (NCR) was my work location at that time. I just wanted to avoid the discomfort of traveling all the way to the south just to give the audition. I insisted him to keep the audition location within NCR. He said some thing like this “Well, Don’t get your hopes high. After getting all the details, you will be directed to an IVR system. You will be asked three questions. You have to answer those questions to get to the Audition.”

Huh, Three questions between me and the Audition. Expected them to be as easy as those daily registration questions. After I gave all the details to him, he routed my call to an IVR system. In IVR, it asked me some more questions. It was more like a survey. Age group, Employed or not, Public Empoyee or Private Employee, Urban or Rural, etc. I don’t remember the questions exactly. I think the KBC’s team just want to see what kind of people are showing the interest. Finally, it came to the 3 Questions.

1. Who wrotes poems and stories about kafan and EID?
I do not know the answer and after the end of the call i search and it was munsi premchand. i think.

2. Which is the component of Atom Bomb.
Options: do not remember
Its Uranium and i was right.

3. What is the population ration in bihar of 2011.
Thought Process: No options. I am supposed to enter the number itself.

Ans: I do not know.

At last, they said that they will call back in 3 days if you are selected for the audition. I knew that there is not even a slight chance. It would be an insult to KBC if I get selected for answering one question out of three, that too a ridiculous one. Better luck next time. You see “Experience makes the person Better, even the Bad ones”.


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